R. Xavier De La Vega

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My artwork is the aggregate sum of experiences and influences. I was born and raised in NJ, but then moved far away in the winter of '92, only to come home again in 2003. In that time, there was great joy in expressing the world around me through my lens. When I was a boy, I was fascinated with photography in any genre in all the books or magazines I could find. As I lingered in the aisles of a store or library awaiting my mother, I saw pictures of historical events and art and fashion. There were people of faraway lands, and discoveries of new stars and planets, all captured on film. They were little time machines that traveled me to those places in an instant. The evocation of imagery became quite clear. Very much like books, photographs are a lasting remembrance of a single moment of time. They are the evidence of what once was. It was an epiphany that continues to breath life into me.

Since my return, through continued opportunities, a sort of signature began to flourish in my artwork. Photography became an aspiration to convey the perspective of my subjects. By crafting the best representations, tangible images became a way to create appreciation of a commonality of shared interest. After a long career in an unrelated field, I found myself floundering in real estate in 2015. Ironically, this is precisely how my day to day artwork came to be. By taking photographs of listings from other agents, a business was born. Now the work pays for the art, and the art pays for itself. It was all proof that the roads of our journeys are seldom straight. 

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